We specialize in Mobile Application Development for business models aligned to the digital strategy

Android Apps

Android is the most used mobile platform in Mexico, with a 62% market share among smartphones.

We advise you with your idea

We focus on the basic idea of the concept that you want to take from the application of your business


We guarantee that your customers interaction with our products will always be satisfactory.

IOS Apps

IOS is the operating system developed by Apple. Its market share in Mexico in terms of smartphones is 20%.


We take care of improvements and updates after the launch of the final product.

Professional Design

Thanks to our team of professional designers, your applications will always look amazing for your users.
Design your mobile application with us!
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Do you have a project idea that has been around your mind?
It doesn't matter if it's not fully developed, we help you with the details.
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Our experts will work on your web design or mobile application project to make it a reality.
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Design and development for your ideas!

With more than 10 years of experience and a great portfolio, We are a company located in Puebla, Mexico, specialized in the development of mobile apps for Android and iOS.

We develop software for all types and sizes of companies and businesses that want to grow and increase their sales, as well as for entrepreneurial leaders or government institutions.

Each design we carry out, from a mobile or hybrid application to a custom system, we carry it through quality processes, applying agile development methodologies and modern design paradigms..

Empresa de desarrollo de software
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Esfera web puebla
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Apps for iOS and Android

The FIGAND team commits to programming languages on the most important platforms, which are iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

FIGAND has a team of expert developers, capable of build high quality applications with the maximum functionalities that can be obtained in all types of mobile devices.

< Custom development >

Apps with more modern features

We develop for the functions that are most used today, such as the use of GPS for geolocation applications, the use of the camera to capture, barcode scanner or real-time streaming of voice and audio, interact with the things that surround us like opening doors, etc…

We are the best mobile app development company in Puebla, Mexico.

At FIGAND we aim at the continuous improvement of technological innovation, excellent product quality and the best customer service.

Our offices are in Puebla, throughout the design and development process of your project, whether Web or mobile, you can visit us, we will hold recurring meetings to reach a product with which you feel satisfied.


We are a company focused on technological innovation, how to apply technology in real life through designs, developments, Artificial Intelligence, among other components.


We work together with you to meet the needs of your particular project.
Our focus is not only to create products, but rather to design and develop experiences from the customer's hand.

Creative process

We are always open to new possibilities and ideas. Our customers can contribute to the product development.


We also offer the service of Organic Positioning in Search Engines such as Google, so that your clients find your website.

SEM and Google Ads

Do you require campaigns on Google Ads? We can help you! We have great experience and always focus on giving tangible results according to your advertising budget.

Customizable Design

We build applications that cover all your needs



Our team of developers and designers are professional and certified.



All our final products are guaranteed

We design Mobile Applications in Puebla and in the world for all types of business

desarrollo de apps para empresas
Aplicaciones Android para cualquier giro comercial
desarrollo de apps para iphone


We develop custom software for small, large and medium businesses.

Government Institutions

Tailored applications and systems for any government agency. We have experience with municipal, state and federal governments.

Any Commercial Turn

It doesn't matter if it's for the area of hospitality, construction, entertainment or dating, if you have an idea, we make it happen.

Personal projects

Do you have an idea and want to make it come true? We can help you!
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Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
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Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
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Land your ideas in web page designs and / or mobile applications that take your business to another level.

Do you want to build customer loyalty? Cryptocurrencies? online payments? Ads and metrics? You can achieve all that and even more with our development and design services!

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Visit our Branch in Puebla

We can make an appointment for you to tell us your most innovative ideas and explain our process in detail. We are not only located in Puebla, but we also have a presence in the United States (USA) and Spain. At FIGAND we provide all the ideal tools so that your company is complete, either web page design or mobile apps.

We work personally, physically and digitally in Puebla, and digitally in the United States (USA) and Spain.

12 September, 2017
Excellent service. They gave me good attention during the development of my App for karaoke. Everything worked very well.

Roberto Fernandez

<App for Karaoke>
Roberto Fernandez photo
February 30, 2018
This is the second application I make with them and I really liked it. It's a party planner that you can use in 5 minutes 🙂

Diana Gonzalez

<Party App>
Diana González photo
September 12, 2019
I made an app with them and they offered me the guarantee that the product was not delivered until I liked it. Although it was fast because it was pretty good.

Aaron Espinoza

<Online Store>
Aaron Espinoza photo

Web Design and Mobile Applications for your business

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In FIGAND we are committed to the results, we know that it is important for you to have clear objectives and tangible results.

That is why we work with cutting edge web design and mobile development methodologies.

We always take into account factors such as:

  • Web design
  • Implementation
  • Usability
  • Development
  • Security
  • SEO positioning
  • Data Privacy
  • Testing - Tests
    All this to deliver high quality products. At FIGAND we dedicate the necessary time to listen to our clients in order to obtain a clear understanding of their business needs.
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla