Are you looking for experts in mobile applications and web pages in Puebla? We are a company specialized in custom software development. We build Apps and online sites that all people talk about.

In FIGAND we develop:

Android is the most used mobile platform in Mexico, with a 62% market share among smartphones. Which means that in Mexico there is between 25 and 30 million users of this operating system.

It is the operating system developed by Apple and used in its different devices: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Its market share in Mexico in terms of smartphones is 20% in mobile phones and 72% in tablets.

Hybrid applications are a combination of web technologies (such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that consist of a WebView executed within a native container, but are not Web-based, because they are packaged as applications for distribution and have access to native APIs of the devices.

We work with the Scrum methodology; an agile and flexible methodology to manage software development, whose main objective is to maximize the return on investment for your company (ROI).

It allows us to introduce functional or priority changes at the beginning of each new iteration without any problem and It promotes innovation, motivation and commitment of the team that is part of the project.

Our work process encompasses four main areas:

  • Strategy: Includes competitive analysis, user research and goal setting.
  • Product design: Visual identity, map and user experience, application or website architecture, prototyping and testing
  • Development: Mobile and web development, backend development and built in analytics.
  • Launch: Functionality monitoring, performance analysis and improvements.

Our products are

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We offer

Visual identity

We take care of developing your visual identity if required: Color palette, typography and logo.


Do you need updates and improvements to your application? We can help you!


All our works are developed according to your needs. You want it? You got it!


All our applications go through a testing process to ensure that the user experience is the best.


We always meet all the goals that have been set for the project.


We are available 24/7. You can contact us at any time if needed.


We develop Apps that make money and generate greater profitability for any of our clients.

Professional Design

Your applications will always look amazing and meet the design and usability standards.


We deliver the perfect apps and webs: Functional, well designed and easy to use.

Our advantages

Application Development in Puebla

Our skills allow us to develop the best apps

Several Commercial Drafts

No matter your business line, we make your idea come true


We offer free support up to 30 days after launching the product.

Continuous Communication

We offer communication 24/7.
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