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What types of App exist and which one do I need?

Do you know what types of app exist? There are different types of apps that are used for different types of business needs, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of each:

  1. Native Apps

native application It is the one that is developed specifically for a specific operating system, called Software Development Kit or SDK. Each of the platforms, Adroid, iOS or Windows Phone, have a different system, so if you want your app to be available on all platforms you must create several apps with the language of the selected operating system.

For example:

  • iOS: The apps for this system are developed with Objective-C language
  • Android use the Java language
  • Windows Phone are developed in .Net

When we talk about mobile development we are almost always referring to native applications. The main advantage with respect to the other two types, is the possibility of accessing all the features of the mobile hardware: camera, GPS, calendar, storage devices and many others. This makes the user experience much more positive than with other types of apps. In addition native applications do not need internet connection For them to work.

The download and installation of these apps is always done through app stores (manufacturers app store). This facilitates the process of marketing and promoting it.

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2. Hybrid applications

A hybrid application it's a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which are neither truly native mobile applications, because they consist of a WebView executed within a native container, nor are they web-based, because they are packaged as applications for distribution and have access to the device's native APIs.


  • Use of device and operating system resources
  • The development cost may be less than that of a native
  • They are multiplatform
  • Allows distribution through the stores of their respective platform.


  • Documentation can be a bit sparse and messy.

3. Web applications

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Finally, web applications are those developed using languages for web development (such as html, css or javascript )and a framework for the development of web applications, such as jquery mobile, Sencha, Kendo UI, among others..

This type of application is widely used to provide accessibility to information from any device, regardless of the operating system, since you only need a browser to access it.


  • They can be used from any device regardless of the operating system.
  • It may require a cost for its development, but this may be minimal compared to the native ones.
  • They do not require any approval for publication.


  • They cannot be published on platforms for distribution
  • They do not use system or device resources optimally.

In conclusion:

The types of apps you need will vary according to your project, however, in general we can say that a native application is perfect if your goal is to provide an excellent user experience. If you do not have a large budget, we recommend a hybrid application; since its cost and maintenance is lower than the native ones. However, keep in mind that their functions are limited, and they do not have access to all smartphone resources. They can take up to twice the space of a native application and are slower.

In the same way, if you want your application to be used on mobile devices and PCs, we suggest native applications in conjunction with web applications.


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