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What is a trending topic and how to use it?

Trending Topic are the most used words within a period of time on Twitter. It is about keywords or fashionable hashtags, topics that are in trend and what is most talked about at any given time.

Trending topics are easy to locate on Twitter, since this platform has an algorithm that is responsible for highlighting the terms that its users use in real time. These trending topics can be very useful to generate content, gain visibility and provide important information or services to your users during key moments. Here's how:

Before starting

Although every day we can find a prominent topic in social networks, not all of them will be useful or relevant for your company or business because, surely, many of them will not be related to your commercial activities. That is why you must first take into account the following considerations:

busqueda de trending topics

The first steps

Investigation, investigation, investigation! The first thing to take into account when integrating trending topics into your content is that without research, you will not advance as much as you could. As we mentioned before, Twitter is an easy, fast and simple way to locate trends, however, there are other tools that you can use for free. For example:

Make a list of words related to your business or industry and start looking for what the trends are for them! For example, if you have a florist, you could search for "flower arrangements", "types of arrangements" and see what trends exist around those ideas.

Choosing the format

Once you find the information you want, the next thing to do is plan your content type: An image? A blog post? A video? You will decide all this depending on the data you have, for example, if you have descriptive and very detailed information about types of flower arrangements, you will probably want to write a detailed entry with images and characteristics of each one of them, while, if you have little information, you can only make a simple and concrete image to publish on your business's social networks.

Posting on social media

If you have already decided that you will use your trends for social networks, there are three points that you must take into account!

  1. Interactions: One way to get the most out of your research is to generate interactions with your audience. This means that, at the beginning or end of your posts, you invite them to take some action with your page, for example: Share the information, leave a comment or tag someone.
  2. Discussions: Don't forget to answer your audience! If they leave comments, feel free to answer them and generate good talks or "discussions". Of course, making sure to give your point of view in a respectful way, this in order to establish a good relationship with your followers.
  3. Hashtags: Don't forget to use hashtags that contain your keywords to reach a larger audience.
publicaciones de blog vector

By last!

Do not forget creativity when creating content, remember that you can use the topics you have researched to:

  • Make infographics
  • Make videos
  • Blog
  • Collaborate with an expert or professional

If you want to know more about free tools for creating and editing images or video, check out this post

Ready! Now you can start creating trend-based content for your brand or business.

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How to make clients trust my business?

If you have a business that is just starting or that has moved online for the first time, you may ask yourself: How do I make customers trust my business to make my first sales? Here we leave you 5 tips of things with which to start building a good relationship with your potential clients:

1. List of products and / or services

Are you already clear about what you are going to sell or what services are you going to offer? Make a list of everything that your business offers so that, once your customers ask, you always have contemplated what you can offer and what you cannot offer, as well as the prices of each service.

In this way you can always provide your clients with a quick, concise and true response, your business will be founded on truths instead of promises, and you will be able to deliver real results.

Lista de productos o servicios

2. Go one step ahead

The vast majority of the time, the people who contact you to obtain your products or services will ask you thousands of questions that will range from prices, payment methods and guarantees, to more technical aspects of what you offer. It is a very good idea that you do a section of Frequent questions on your website so that all these concerns can be answered immediately. (If you don't have a website, you can make a featured post on your Facebook page or featured stories on your Instagram profile).

FAQ: Preguntas frecuentes

3. Success stories

Once you have successfully completed your first sales, share the experience with others! Whether you make a small publication about it on your social networks or include a section on your website for your customers' testimonials, this tool will help you a lot to gain the trust of your new visitors, at the same time that you strengthen the relationship with your loyal customers.

Testimonios de clientes

4. Availability

Do not forget to provide the opening and closing hours of your business, as well as the telephone numbers and contact email so that you can communicate with customers who need it. Likewise, include your address (if you have a physical location) and keep an eye on your messages or calls.

información de contacto, vector

5. Honesty and transparency

Despite being the last point, it is the most important thing to take into account, because as we mentioned in the first point, customers will appreciate a thousand times more that a real service is sold to them than unfinished promises. Don't be afraid to mention your limitations! Although of course, the goal is always to improve what we can offer with time and experience.

Honestidad y transparencia, vector
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What is social listening and how does it benefit my business?

Do you know what social listening is and how it benefits you? According to studies carried out by Brandwatch, a number of approximately 2.3 billion people are active on social networks, which is why more and more companies and brands are having a presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. That is why, once you too have joined these communities, social listening will become a very important part of your stay.

What is social listening?

Social Listening (or Social Media Listening) is a technique that allows companies and brands to know what is said or commented on social networks about themselves. Social listening allows you to track your brand on social networks, review mentions and observe what happens around your business, what customers think and what they want to see implemented in terms of the services or products they offer. This is very useful for making changes and making strategic decisions that favor the company.

However, this does not mean that social listening consists only of answering comments or questions from customers, but rather that it requires analyzing the data obtained to implement changes or strategies in your sales method or marketing campaign.

Qué es el Social listening

Advantages of Social Listening

  • Social listening offers information about what customers do, feel and expect from our brand or company.
  • Help to discover "Feelings" and even trends.
  • In addition to knowing what users say about your own business, you can Get information from your competitors.
  • Understand the consumer: How he behaves and what he thinks about us.
  • Ancitipating strategies by obtaining the information in real time.
  • Detect failures in products or services.
  • Manage the Online Reputation of our business.
  • Monitor the competition to innovate and offer what they need first.
  •  Identify new clients.

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Your business and social networks: Do not stay out of the 4 most popular!

With approximately 3.03 billion of active users on social networks, it is not surprising that brands and companies want to be more and more present on different social platforms to gain awareness and brand presence, traffic to their web pages, more potential customers, better conversion rates , and even better customer service.

That is why Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms are increasingly attractive business channels for both large companies and small entrepreneurs. Below we will leave you a list of the most popular networks with the most users so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

01. Facebook

As you can see in the table above, in January of this year (2020), Facebook recorded approximately 2.449 million active users, so whether you have a small business that is just starting or a more established company, Facebook is a platform in which you must have a presence yes or yes.

  • It is the largest and most popular social network in the world.
  • It has free and paid features to promote ads and businesses.
  • It is constantly updated, adding functions and sections that help your brand.
  • It has statistics on pages and ads so that you can make the best decisions when promoting your services.
Numero de usuarios activos en Facebook 2019

02. Twitter

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a slower growth, however it has over 339 million active users in one month.  The strength of Twitter is its information in real time and its immediacy.

  • Twitter has news and information in real time.
  • For this reason, Twitter usually becomes in the official information medium of the brands.
  • Twitter allows you to do 'social listening'through her.
  • It's one of the fastest and simplest ways to reach potential customers directly.
  • You can review the topics that are in trend to use them to your advantage.
  • It has analytics and an ad option, just like Facebook.
Numero de usuarios activos en Twitter 2019

03. Instagram

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos, as well as stories, small “polls” and other plugins that it has been implementing in recent years. Approximately 40 billion photos have been shared through this platform. Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not allow you to generate traffic to a website with publications, however it is the social network with more growth and you must include it to begin to publicize your brand.

  • Instagram is perfect for communicating visual messages.
  • Instagram users interact with brands 10 times more than on Facebook and 84 times more than on Twitter.
  • The use of hashtags will make you gain visibility.
  • The "business account" option offers you statistics about your account.
  • You can promote yourself with paid ads just like on Facebook and Twitter.
Usuarios de Instagram en el mundo.

04. Youtube

YouTube is the number one place to upload and share videos, as well as one of the most popular websites in the world. It has a wide variety of content and is perfect both for normal users who want to share a bit of their daily life, and for companies and businesses that generate visual content about their facilities, services or promotions. It is estimated that more than 1.3 billion people use YouTube today.

  • People are increasingly preferring YouTube to television.
  • The 62% of the youth and the 51% of the adults over 35 said they would likely take action after watching YouTube ads.
  • There are several options to segment your content, making it reach whoever interests you the most.
  • Like the other networks mentioned, YoTube allows you to create ads and offers ways to measure and analyze the performance of your ads.
Gráfica de usuarios en redes sociales.

And you, which social network will you use for your business?

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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing or Social media Marketing (SMM) is the process of creating and sharing content for different social platforms, taking into account specific objectives for brands or businesses. These objectives are very varied, since each person could seek to generate interaction, (likes or comments), get followers, gain visibility or increase the traffic that reaches their website, and even generate sales.

Social media marketing encompasses all the activities and measures that are used in the networks to generate business opportunities and the loyalty of your customers.

Types of network marketing

  • Proactive marketing: Own and user-generated content is created and distributed to achieve goals. This type of SMM requires the use of resources and budget, in addition to also including the integration of different channels to increase the scope of content.
  • Passive Marketing: External content is used to achieve objectives. Activity is measured and an evaluation of user activities is made in order to make operational or strategic decisions.

Benefits of social media marketing

logos de redes sociales: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp
  • Reputation and authority: Advertising campaigns, as well as publications made on social networks, serve to create a good image and brand reputation.
  • Interest groups: Thanks to social networks, groups can be created where different users meet with a real interest in the product (or service) you offer.
  • Direct contact: It is easier for customers to contact companies through messages, posts, or post comments. Social networks offer an opportunity for closeness that not many other media offer.
  • Traffic: Social media is a great way to direct visitors to your website.
  • Sales: As amazing as it may seem, social media is a great way to make sales of products or services.
  • Viral Marketing: Your content can go viral and be shared by many users, giving you great reach.
  • SEO: Profiles on Twitter and Facebook are usually indexed by search engines and can be displayed first in Search results. The interaction on your page will make it appear easier in the search engine.
Buscador Google

Advantages of the SMM

  • One of its main advantages is that most of the services they offer is free (except for paid ads). So the dissemination of any message is through publications, links, images or videos is really easy, fast and satisfying.
  • You don't need to invest capital to start posting or spreading messages.
  • Most people spend more than half of their time on social media, so being active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a great opportunity to be discovered.
  • You can make offers in real time, and interact in real time with the people interested in them.
  • You will have unlimited interactions with your followers.
Móvil en mano vector

Now that you know, what are you waiting for to create your business profiles on social networks?

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