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FIGAND is a company specialized in the web page design in Puebla. We perform websites professionals, ideal for selling online and helping your business grow. We offer:

  • Web design modern and avant-garde,
  • Web design responsive, perfect for any device (tablets, cell phones or computers)
  • Web development professional
  • Security certificate 
  • online stores, websites informative or product catalogs
Our clients
We specialize in custom Web Page Design


We are in Puebla, Mexico; Focused on the technological innovation of web pages, we apply technology in real life through designs, developments and Artificial Intelligence, among other components inclined to the websites and mobile applications.


At FIGAND we collaborate with you to meet the objectives and needs of your particular project, which guarantees total availability. Make a Web page It should be practical and simple.

Creative process

We are open to new possibilities and technological ideas, our websites grow together with our customers, visit us in Puebla, Mexico.

Web design

We do the design of websites modern technologies that go hand in hand with end-to-end development, solution, and implementation.


A page web without Organic Positioning is not functional, nowadays your web page must be visible as one of the first results.

SEM and Google Ads

Do you require campaigns on the Google Ads platform? FIGAND gives you the necessary support for your Web page or mobile application. We have extensive experience and we focus on delivering tangible results so that your advertising budget works.
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Think on your idea
Do you have a website that has been on your mind?
It does not matter if it is not fully realized, FIGAND speeds up the development of solutions and details.
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The most important part of being successful is having a great web development team.
Making a quote with FIGAND is totally free and does not require any commitment.
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Our FIGAND experts will work on your project so that it becomes a reality.
If you need updates and/or improvements to your website, FIGAND takes care of it.

Web design and development for your ideas!

With more than 11 years of professional experience and numerous projects, FIGAND is an expert company specialized in the Web-page design, located in Puebla, Mexico.

FIGAND is able to create professional web pages for all kinds of devices. With the help of our experience in the public and private sector, we can provide the client the best website experience, visit us virtually, or at our headquarters in Puebla, Mexico.

Ranking of web pages

Our websites are classified as informative web pages Y web pages online store; the informative pages advertise and sell services. On the other hand, the web pages online store, they concentrate on selling products through their shopping cart and card payments.

In both cases, FIGAND Puebla is in charge of updating, publishing content and elements at the request of the client. Do not miss opportunities, we help you develop your idea!

Website Tracking

At FIGAND Puebla we not only offer Custom development, but we also follow up on your websites, organizing and updating content during and after publication.

We offer ongoing help in websites, collaborating with your team, in this way we help you, supervising and correcting aspects that have not been taken into account during the execution of the project.

Customizable Design

We build web pages that cover all your needs



Our team of developers and designers are professional and certified.



All our final products are guaranteed



By using specific languages that allow us to develop for almost any system.

FIGAND designs web pages in Puebla, Mexico and the world, for all lines of business or industry.

desarrollo de apps para empresas
Aplicaciones Android para cualquier giro comercial
desarrollo de apps para iphone


The Puebla-Mexico Parent Company develops websites and world-class mobile applications for small, medium and large corporations.

Government Institutions

We develop custom web pages for any government agency. FIGAND brings experience with municipal, state and federal governments.

Any Commercial Turn

FIGAND covers any sector and industry, whether in the area of hotels, construction, entertainment or services. If you have a different and innovative idea, at FIGAND we make it a reality.

Personal projects

Do you have an idea for a website and want to make it come true? FIGAND is in charge of helping you!
Esfera Diseño Web
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
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Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
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Do you have a website project in mind?

Do not wait more! This is the best time to make it come true. Get in touch with us and start the process of your Web page. Too easy!

Land your ideas on web page designs and/or mobile applications that take your business to another level.

Do you want to build customer loyalty? Cryptocurrencies? online payments? Ads and metrics? You can achieve all this and more with our services! development and design of web pages and mobile apps!

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Visit our Branch in Puebla

We can make an appointment for you to tell us your most innovative ideas and explain our process in detail. We are not only located in Puebla, but we also have a presence in the United States (USA) and Spain. At FIGAND we provide all the ideal tools so that your company is complete, either web page design or mobile apps.

We work personally, physically and digitally in Puebla, and digitally in the United States (USA) and Spain.

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Modernize your ideas with personalized and advanced technology

With us you will have the service you require to modernize your website or you online store, modernize your business or company with technological solutions that help you innovate, evolve and sell more.

The team creates precisely focused solutions to receive, process and understand information more efficiently.

12 September, 2017
Excellent service. They gave me good attention during the development of my App for karaoke. Everything worked very well.

Roberto Fernandez

<App for Karaoke>
Roberto Fernandez photo
February 30, 2018
This is the second application I make with them and I really liked it. It's a party planner that you can use in 5 minutes 🙂

Diana Gonzalez

<Party App>
Diana González photo
September 12, 2019
I made an app with them and they offered me the guarantee that the product was not delivered until I liked it. Although it was fast because it was pretty good.

Aaron Espinoza

<Online Store>
Aaron Espinoza photo

Web design for your business

Quote with us NOW!

At FIGAND we are committed to results, we know that it is important for you to have clear objectives but above all to have the results in a tangible way. That is why we work with design methodologies of websites, online stores and SEO positioning.

We always take into account factors such as:

  • Web design
  • Implementation
  • Usability
  • Development
  • Security
  • SEO positioning
  • Data Privacy
  • Testing
    All this to deliver quality web pages. At FIGAND we dedicate the necessary time to listen to our clients in order to obtain a clear understanding of their business needs.
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla
Esfera Diseño Web Puebla